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Stealing Copper From Rental Properties

Believe it or not….  Copper theft is a problem these days.  Be careful letting units sit vacant for too long.  I have seen copper wire and plumbing stolen.  Best thing to do, FILL THE VACANCIES and keep the units occupied.

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Vandalism and Theft in Apartments

If vandalism or theft is BAD, you want to notify your insurance carrier right away and start a claim.  Delaying notification of the vandalism could cause your insurance carrier to deny coverage.  Also, check your policy.  Extended vacancies (over 30

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iPad for Real Estate Investors

I’m not a tech geek…  But, I was driving a client to see prospective properties and he was pulling up information on his iPad about the available properties.  As a Broker, its not good when your client has more information

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Smoke Detectors in Rental Properties

Recently, MacFarlane Real Estate, Inc. took over management of a small duplex owned by an elderly couple.  Amazingly, there was no smoke detectors or any sign that there had been smoke detectors in the units. Smoke detectors are cheap.  As

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Business Purchase Agreement- More than a Handshake

For simple businesses, there is a simple way to purchase and sell.  Both the seller and the buyer would be fools to transfer the business on a hand shake or without a proper legal document.  The California Associationa of Realtors

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Can’t Sell Your House? Rent or Lease It!

The housing market is tough for sellers.  Foreclosed properties are piling up and banks need to discount the properities in order to sell.  Lets face it, if you want to sell today…  you have to sell at a bargain. Many

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Apartment Building Valuation Approaches: Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM) and Capitalization

Apartment buildings are commonly described as “income properties.”  Unlike single family homes, apartment buildings (a sub-set of the multi-family property category) are almost exclusively valued based on the amount of income generated on a per-month basis.  Appreciation is a factor,

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Ethical Considerations Regarding Dual Role of Attorney/Real Estate Broker: CA State Bar Opinion

May an attorney who is also licensed as a real estate broker act in both capacities on behalf of a client in connection with the purchase of real property in California? The California State Bar said “yes” in a State

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What is “Attorney-Brokerage”?

Negotiating properties is more than just buying, selling or leasing bricks and mortar.  One must consider, for instance, the ability of a property to produce cash flow, and that ability is tied into a bundle of legal rights.  Analysis of

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