iPad for Real Estate Investors


I’m not a tech geek…  But, I was driving a client to see prospective properties and he was pulling up information on his iPad about the available properties.  As a Broker, its not good when your client has more information than you!

So, I bought an iPad.  Wow, an iPad is great for searching properties! Loopnet has a great app for commercial properties and Ziprealty and other MLS companies have apps for single family homes.   The apps allow me to drive around areas I recommend my investors to buy apartment buildings.  The map shows my current location and properties for sale & recent sales in the surrounding area.

I love when I’m driving an area with a client and they say…  What if I was willing to pay more?  Or, I only want 1960s or newer construction.  I can immediately change my search parameters on the fly.

The iPad is a great tool for Brokers and investors.

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