How to Fill Vacancies Fast!!! How about Hardwood Floors?

All the rent incentives in the world do not change the fact somebody is going to have to make the unit their home.  Well, would you want to live in a dingy place, even if the first months rent was free?

I have had great success with refinishing hardwood floors as opposed to putting that boring, brown carpet in the rental units.  Who wants boring & brown?  Prospective tenants walk into a unit that has shiny new hardwood floors and they flip.  WHERE DO I SIGN??!!??

But, hardwood floors are expensive to refinish!  Not really.  Only about $400-$600 more than putting boring apartment grade carpet.  But, the hardwood floors are ruined under the carpet!  Not really.  Most of the hardwood floors are fine.  Even if there are a few blemishes, it looks better than boring & brown!  But, tenants will ruin them!  Not really.  In fact….  Our hardwood floors hold up better!  You don’t refinish hardwood floors everytime a tenant moves out.  Then again, tenants don’t move out to boring & brown when they have beautiful hardwood floors!  But, noise will transmit to the lower units.  Probably slightly true.  But, usually a loud tenant above will disturb a lower tenant whether there is carpet or hardwood floors!

Boring Brown


Pulling Carpet


Pulled Carpet



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