What is “Attorney-Brokerage”?

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Negotiating properties is more than just buying, selling or leasing bricks and mortar.  One must consider, for instance, the ability of a property to produce cash flow, and that ability is tied into a bundle of legal rights.  Analysis of the legal documents is crucial to discovering the underlying flow of income.  All too often, prospective buyers and sellers are caught up in today’s brokers’ marketing campaigns.

Attorney-Brokerage provides the unique blend of legal and real estate knowledge as one integrated service.  During the sale or purchase of a multi-family or commercial property, countless issues will arise.  With the fusion of legal services and brokerage services all under one roof, an attorney-brokerage firm is able to provide the appropriate guidance on, among other things, negotiating finance terms, locating adequate title and property insurance, contract/lease interpretation and tax planning as it relates to the subject transaction.  This added layer of security ensures the protection and maximization of the client’s investment.

Under the attorney-brokerage structure, in most cases, the clients receive brokerage services with legal oversight for one fee–the basic real estate commission.

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