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Stealing Copper From Rental Properties

Believe it or not….  Copper theft is a problem these days.  Be careful letting units sit vacant for too long.  I have seen copper wire and plumbing stolen.  Best thing to do, FILL THE VACANCIES and keep the units occupied.

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Vandalism and Theft in Apartments

If vandalism or theft is BAD, you want to notify your insurance carrier right away and start a claim.  Delaying notification of the vandalism could cause your insurance carrier to deny coverage.  Also, check your policy.  Extended vacancies (over 30

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Twelve Legal Reasons for Eviction Under Rent Control Laws in City of Los Angeles

As discussed in earlier posts, certain properties within the City of Los Angeles are subject to the Rent Stablization Ordinance (”rent control”).  Owners of such properties are limited as to why, how and when they can evict a tenant.  Below

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Rent Control in Los Angeles

What is Rent Control? The Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO), commonly referred to as “rent control”, was passed as an ordinance in 1978 to protect Los Angeles tenants from excessive rent increases, while at the same time, allowing landlords a reasonable

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