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What is a Receivership?

First, this is not a football term.  In the legal universe, a receiver can be appointed by a government regulator pursuant to a statute, appointed by a court or appointed privately.  Under a receivership, the receiver undertakes custodial responsibility over

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Generate Additional Income Streams for Your Investment Property

Of course, an apartment owner’s main source of monthly income generated from the property will be rent collection. However, there are alternative ways to generate additional income that may just transform your investment from a “break-even” asset to a profitable

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What Should I Expect From My Property Management Company?

For a reasonable monthly fee, a property owner can hand over all of the headaches of self-managing their investment property to a property management company.  However, unless you do your homework, you may end up creating more headaches (and losing

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Gone are the days when a prudent landlord/owner can entrust a fix-it man to be their property manager.  Discrimination, trip and falls, mold, code enforcement, smoke detectors, etc. can make any landlord toss and turn at night.  Lawyers and the

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Grip Tape on Stairs

Although not necessary, grip tape can help if stairs are slippery from tree droppings, leaves, etc…

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